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Get your tenants back faster!

Anyone dealing with multi-family properties knows that the only way for the business to be profitable is to maintain a high occupancy rate. When damage to units causes a reduction in the available number for lease, the complex can be negatively affected. Multiply this affect in a large scale loss and the results can be crippling. This is exactly why our superior project management and extensive knowledge of the industry offers a real advantage for property owners rebuilding after a loss.

Working in conjunction with a client’s insurance representative, U S Construction is able to expedite the process. By developing the project scope of work quickly and thoroughly, a detailed estimate can be produced and submitted for approval. Insurance carriers are eager to work with companies like U S Construction who document, photograph, and provide a detailed estimate confirming the degree of loss an insured has experienced.

Great communication begins from day one with all parties involved. Once approved, construction can begin and our state-of-the-art web based software will provide up to date information to the client regarding their project, which can be accessed through the internet from any computer in the world!

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